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New High-Tech Collar Tracks The Health Of Your Pets

The PetPace collar uses non-invasive sensors to monitor data


New Israeli messaging app can unsend photos

Developed by YouMe, Sessme allows users to password-protect their content and remotely wipe regrettable messages.


American Apparel, founded by Montreal Jew, files for bankruptcy

Clothing company ousted its founder Dov Charney last year after alleged sexual misconduct; he filed a $30 million defamation lawsuit


BGU Opens New Startup Accelerator

Israel’s Ben-Gurion University announced it has officially opened its new startup accelerator Inno-Negev


Israeli big data co Optimal+ raises $42m

The Tel Aviv-based manufacturing intelligence startup will use the funds for global expansion in the semiconductor sector


HeartWare buys Israeli co Valtech Cardio for $860m

The acquisition of the Or Yehuda valve repair device company includes shares and milestone payments.


SanDisk to hire 90 in Israel

The flash memory developer is offering a NIS 20,000 bonus for employees who recommend a candidate who is hired.


Israeli technology from Intel to power Google's 3-D 'Tango' project

The newest version of the Tango development kit will be available to Android software developers by the end of 2015.


Cyber security co Cronus raises $2.2m

Former Israeli Air Force chief Eitan Ben Eliyahu has been named chairman of the Cronus board.


Image-processing startup Lightricks raises $10m

The Israeli company's mobile app made a meteoric rise to the top of Apple's US AppStore chart from 283 to 2 in five days


Buffett pays high price for Precision Castparts

Precision Castparts earned $1.53 billion in its latest fiscal year


Israel set to launch designer store in Hong Kong

Store will showcase Israel's best young fashion designers and sit in Hong Kong's popular PMQ center


Israeli Software Company Wins NYC's 911 Contract

Nice Systems says termed 'eight-figured contract' to provide city with public safety call recording and incident management technology.


Scanner identifying food’s calorie, ingredient count honored by world body

World Economic Forum lauds Israel’s Consumer Physics as company whose technology will change the world


Elbit Systems wins $45m communications deal

The mobile military communications contract for a European country will be performed over two years.


Stride Gaming Acquires Israeli Mobile Social Gaming Company InfiApps For $39 Million

The Netanya-based mobile social gaming company was founded in 2012.


As cyber-risks abound, airline industry seeks Israeli help

IATA, the largest international airline group, will work with Tel Aviv University to improve on- and off-line security for its members


Tel Aviv named world’s No. 5 startup ecosystem

Israel suffers personnel and capital shortfalls


Viber buys Israeli mobile game developer Nextpeer

Viber is paying $9 million for the Tel Aviv-based game developer.


Chinese investment co buying SHL Telemedicine

Shanghai Jiuchuan will pay $130 million for 100% of SHL Telemedicine's shares.


Israel's City of the Future to Replace IDF Base

The first stage in the evacuation of the IDF's Tzrifin base is now complete, freeing up over 10,000 square meters


Teva Buys Allergan Generics For $40.5 Billion

The deal, the largest ever acquisition by an Israeli company, is in cash and shares.


Anti-hacking solution provider LogDog raises $3.5 million

LogDog is a personal cyber security mobile app


Microsoft buys Israeli cloud security co Adallom for $320m

With its development center in Tel Aviv, the cyber security company has raised $49.5 million to date.


Facebook buys Israeli co Pebbles Interfaces for $60m

The Kfar Saba startup has developed technology for operating a computer through hand and finger gestures.


UK Israel Tech Hub wins Foreign Office innovation award

The UK Israel Tech Hub, the first programme of its kind, actively promotes bilateral economic collaboration in areas including technology, business and medicine


Roman Abramovich leads $21m investment in AnyClip

The Jerusalem based company hopes to strengthen its position in online video marketing and advertising.


Israeli Bumblebees Sent to Japan following Mass Death of Local Hives

The bees make only one fast connection in Moscow, but do not enjoy duty free store privileges.


Chinese firm to pay $90 million for Israeli biopesticide maker

Stockton Group to be acquired by China’s Hebang


Gett and Moovit combine taxis and public transport

The joint app developed by the Israeli startups will eventually expand its operations to include overseas locations.


Israeli Video Sharing Co Whipclip Raises $40 Million

When founded in July 2014 the company raised $6 million, at a company value of $20 million.


Samsung founding startup accelerator in Israel

The accelerator in Yakum is the first of its type in the world launched by Samsung.


Google teams up with Waze to launch worldwide carpooling pilot in central Israel

The service, RideWith, matches up passengers and drivers who want to get to work


TAU Researchers Say Their Technology Beats Botox

A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University and Harvard Medical School harnesses pulsed electric fields to stimulate new tissue


Driving to the wrong music can kill, says professor

Music may have charms to soothe the savage beast – or lead to human error and even road rage, warns Ben-Gurion University music psychologist Warren Brodsky


Rainbow Coral Found Deep in the Red Sea May Be Key to Fighting Cancer

These fluorescent pigments [that make the coral glow] are proteins.


Germany to invest 500,000 euros in Israeli tech start-ups

Germany will be investing 500,000 euros ($559,000 or 2.1 million shekels) in Israeli initiatives


Merck buys remaining stake in Qlight Nanotech

Qlight's products upgrade LCD screens and LED lighting.


Sales promotion co Yotpo raises $15m

Yotpo has developed a model for utilizing reviews by users to promote brands and products.


Plaque found on 400,000-year old teeth shows caves had dirty air

Discovery shows early humans suffered from smoke inhalation due to burning fires and roasting meat in caves.


Giant 11,000-year old mortars found in Levant served in funerary rituals

The sound of the pounding may have been used to summon the late Stone Age community from far and wide for the funeral ritual, Haifa University archaeologists postulate


Israeli Startup Raises $1M for Unique Map System

Platform launched by American-Israeli blogger has already spread to 30 countries - and helps users see their neighborhood differently.


Technion Research Lights Up Your Heart To Treat Abnormal Heart Rhythms

A recent Technion study describes a novel optogenetic approach for pacing and resynchronizing the heart in case of heart rhythm disorder


WeShelter App Helps New Yorkers Help The Homeless

When you use the app it directs a charitable donation from a corporation to a local organization that helps the homeless.


Google launching News Lab to provide tools for journalists

Google explains that it wants to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help map out the future of media.


Israeli scientist makes better sesame seed, wins award

Using ancient breeding techniques and cutting-edge genetic markers, Dr. Zvi Peleg is improving the crop yield of this exasperating plant, and its nutritional value as well.


China's XIO Group acquires Lumenis for $510m

XIO is paying a 16% premium on the share price of the Israeli medical device company.


In first, Israeli app helps kids beat cyber-bullies

The online world is rife with danger, but Red Button gives users a way to fight back


Israel's new radar system is largest yet

Israel's new radar system is largest yet Development of the advanced, portable ULTRA-C1 has been completed, and may be used by the IDF in coming years.


High-tech Israeli helmet aims to prevent flight crashes

Life-saving system takes control of plane if pilot loses consciousness; air force personnel to be fitted with device


Israeli-developed micro-antenna to treat tiny digestive tract tumors

Development of the technique is expected to be completed within a year, pending funding.


Uber To Make $1 Billion Investment In China

"To put it frankly, China represents one of the largest untapped opportunities for Uber."


Website guide WalkMe raises $25m

WalkMe is a platform that makes the end user's experience simple, effortless, and efficient


Amazon to expand its operations in Israel

Amazon expected to rent space to accommodate about 150 employees, apparently in Herzliya


Cyber security co illusive networks raises $5m

Founded by Check Point R&D veteran Ofer Israeli, illusive networks is targeting targeted attacks


Israel’s Technion Receives Gates Foundation Grant for Tuberculosis Breakthrough

More than 2 billion people around the world are estimated to have tuberculosis


Waze tops in sharing app user satisfaction, study shows

Analysis of thousands of reviews shows that the Israeli-developed traffic application is most popular among users


Israeli researchers discover shrub that can treat diabetes

Work underway to isolate active ingredient that has been found to lower blood sugar levels, and produce a marketable medication


Israeli app’s Wikipedia beautification makes info more accessible

Wikiwand upgrades text-heavy encyclopedia pages, winning a Webby award for best user experience


Israel to export hundreds of millions of flies to Europe

Sterilized flies will be dispersed in orchards in Croatia and Bosnia to help farmers combat pests in a green manner


Google CEO: Israelis Succeed because They Break Rules

Eric Schmidt says local entrepreneur culture's success stems from Israelis' tendency 'to challenge authority and to question everything.'


Facebook’s Ex-CFO Ebersman Launches Health Tech Start-Up

Lyra Health, aims to tackle behavioral healthcare; backed by VC firm Venrock


Mantis Vision raises a $9.7 million strategic investment to map the world in 3D

The company allows mobile devices to map their surroundings in 3D – which is really useful, or might be someday


Hyundai seeks Israeli tech for its ‘connected cars’

New apps developed in Israel could show up in the company’s new Internet-linked vehicles as soon as next year


New app monitors air pollution

BreezoMeter converts complex air pollution figures into a user-friendly visual of the air quality at your specific location


Dramatic advance in cancer treatment: Mix of two existing drugs could be the antidote

Study, which was conducted on patients with advanced melanoma by research centers in the U.S., Europe and Israel, reduced tumors by more than a third in 58 percent of the patients. In 15 to 20 percent of the cases, the tumor disappeared entirely


Canadian Group Donates $10M to Hebrew University Stem Cell Research

The Azrieli Foundation selected the Hebrew University of Jerusalem following an extensive process to identify the world’s leading researchers and labs studying Fragile X syndrome


Wearable device provides continuous fetal monitoring

The data collected is of high enough quality to be useful for clinicians and researchers


Scientists hoping to save sea snail that protected Mediterranean reefs

Worm snails used to restore damaged reefs with a chalky substance


Israeli Study: Breastfeeding Lowers Leukemia Risk

Haifa University scientists urge public to accept breastfeeding after breastfed babies found to 19% lower leukemia risk


Teddy Sagi's Playtech buys troubled Plus500

The acquisition values online contracts for difference company Plus500 at 459.6 million pounds


Google acquires mobile app performance startup Pulse.io

A Google spokesperson confirmed the acquisition


ARM set to acquire Sansa Security for $85m

ARM may make the company, which develops mobile and flash memory security solutions, into its Israel development center


Roman Abramovich invested $500,000 in Russian-Israeli startup

The online platform directly connects patients with leading international specialists


Mobile marketing co Ubimo raises $7.5m

The proceeds will be used to advance the company’s growth and accelerate its self-service platform expansion


Israel's flag carrier El Al eyes merger with rival Israir

Tie-up aims to help Israel's flag carrier cope with onslaught of low-cost rivals.


Visa Europe opens innovation hub in Tel Aviv

Check Point’s Shwed says fewer new hires come from army tech units these days


Dmitry Zimin to cease financing Dynasty foundation

The businessman took the decision after the organization was included in the list of foreign agents


HP buys Israeli startup ConteXtream

Startup that provides broadband network technology bought by hi-tech giant for undisclosed sum


Apple Overtakes Google in Most Valuable Global Brands Ranking

World's top 100 brands are now worth $3.3 trillion to businesses


Sergey Brin Sells More Of His Google Shares

He and Larry Page announced in February They Intended to put Some $4.4 Billion Worth of Shares on the Market


Israeli Startup TravelersBox Keeps You From Wasting Leftover Foreign Currency

The denominations are usually too small for any bank to handle and not worth your time exchanging.


Text to video co Wibbitz raises $8m

The company will use the funds to expand its US presence


Holocaust survivers leave 850K life savings to USA

Peter and Joan Petrasek both survived World War II


Medical device co OrthoSpace raises $8m

OrthoSpace is developing a minimally-invasive medical device for the treatment of rotator-cuff tears


Swiss court orders Israel to pay Iran $1.1 billion in oil pipeline dispute

Court ruling reportedly caps a long-running legal dispute between the two countries before the Islamic Revolution.


Soros sees risk of another world war

Much depends on Chinese economy


Kherson doctors to undergo training in Israel

Ukrainian specialists working on the rehabilitation of soldiers returning from the ATO zone will learn from their colleagues’ experience


Electronic pill that helps you slim by tricking your tummy

Device looks like ordinary pill, but is packed with cutting-edge technology


Warren Buffett invests in Israeli co eVolution Networks

The Ramat Gan based energy savings solution company has raised $22.5 million from Berkshire Hathaway and GE Ventures


Intel Launches IoT Lab In Israel

The lab will focus on smart homes, cities, agriculture and transportation


Mark Zuckerberg answers Ukrainians’ questions

A question from the Ukrainian audience gained the maximum number of likes in the entire history of online sessions by the Facebook founder.


Happify raises $5M in convertible debt to grow ’emotional fitness’ platform

We know there’s an app for everything, but is there really an app for happiness?


Cyber Terrorism Has Grave Psychological Impact On Victims, New Study Finds

Though it’s only “in a computer,” a new study from Israel finds that cyber terrorism actually has a distinct psychological impact on individuals


FST Biometrics secures $15 million investment and former PM Ehud Barak joins board

FST Biometrics were chosen to participate in the Future Sport Roadshow in the UK and presented to leading British sports teams and arenas


Alcohol consumption in Israel among lowest in OECD countries

New report finds binge drinking a major health risk for women, young people in developed nations


Israeli invention fights stunted growth in children

The children’s height-to-weight ratio was not affected, and the additive did not cause anyone to become overweight


Israel to purchase German warships to defend gas rigs

Four new corvettes armed with missiles and built by TKMS will defend Israel's gas rigs.


Israeli Doctor Offers Revolutionary Treatment with ‘Lazy Eye’ Glasses

A revolutionary Israeli invention to treat “lazy eye” in a user-friendly fashion is gaining international recognition.


The point of this restaurant isn’t the food; it’s about getting that perfect Instagram shot

Are you still labouring under the illusion that going out to a nice restaurant for dinner is all about the food?


Real-life Star Trek 'replicator' prepares meal in 30 seconds

Meals are prepared in 140 gram portions in recyclable container


UHaifa Prof. Wins $1.3M Grant

Dr. Wagner was awarded a grant of $1.3 million to be split between the four researchers


Israeli Cybersecurity Startup Cybereason Raises $25 Million In Series B

The service gathers and displays in real time the information about the attack


Israel seeks to uncover the UK's brightest tech startup

The winner will join tech startups from 20 other countries around the world in Tel Aviv in September


Israel-born chef wins America’s top foodie prize

Alon Shaya, 37, of the Domenica restaurant in New Orleans, takes home James Beard award on fourth try


Israeli Researchers: Strong Psychosomatic Processes Are Implicated In Chronic Physical Pain

The study appears on line as a publication ahead of print in the prestigious medical journal Psychosomatic Medicine.


Israeli company develops treatment for radiation

Haifa-based Pluristem runs study with National Institutes of Health on whether placental cell therapies can treat radiation exposure.


Google Acquires Timeful To Bring Smart Scheduling To Google Apps

The core tech of Timeful involves machine learning aimed at taking the hassle out of combining scheduling and GTD task management.


New solution to keep veggies fresh for a month, sans fridge

Hebrew University researchers showcase new technology at Israel’s top international agricultural exhibition


Israeli data storage co Infinidat raises $150m

Infinidat is on the verge of revolutionizing the enterprise storage market.


Apple to expand Israel development center

Apple has taken up an option to lease extra space in Herzliya Pituach and will hire hundreds more employees.


Google Discontinues Its Nexus 7 Tablet

People just want large tablets or very big smart phones, not a small tablet.


Chelsea is Mideast’s top team

Owned by Roman Abramovich, who just bought a hotel in Israel, London soccer club is most-supported in Jordan, West Bank, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman… and Israel


Facebook bans pejorative for anti-Russia Ukrainian Jews

Social network has taken down dozens of pages containing the phrase “Zhidbanderovets”


Researchers map human brain with GPS-like system

Discovery could be first step to comprehending how information flows and is processed in nervous system.


Gilead Sciences to open Israel marketing office

The US biotech company currently markets its products in Israel through NewPharm.


Peres to advise Teva

Former president of Israel Shimon Peres will provide consulting services to Teva for $10,000 monthly.


Israel ranked 11th happiest country in the world

The United States trailed behind, coming in at number 15.


Right on Time: First Jewish App Released for New Apple Watch

One hot technology product will go with another, making the watch more useful for Jewish wearers


Israeli Scientists Testing Cannabis Treatment for Diabetes

Israeli scientists are testing a new therapy - with cannabis - for diabetes.


Israel will pay tourists for visiting Eilat

$48.50 to be offered to every passenger who visits the resort town in winter 2015-16


How a smartphone for the blind may save drivers’ lives

On the road, drivers should be ‘blind’ to mobile devices; an Israeli team, using tech developed for the visually impaired, has a solution.


BlackBerry acquires Israel’s WatchDox, to open R&D center in Israel

BlackBerry has acquired Israeli WatchDox for an estimated $150 million.


Israel, UK in huge new scientific cooperation agreement

A multi-year, multi-billion pound agreement will further cement the countries’ close research relations


Abramovich leads $30m round in OD Kobo's music start-up

Roman Abramovich invested $15 million in Israeli music sharing start-up Music Messenger.


Roll up your TV screen when the show is over

A pliable transparent screen for TVs, tablets and other devices could be made from a novel DNA peptide nanostructure, say Israeli researchers.


Could marijuana help fight cancer?

Israel’s One World Cannabis teams up with Sheba Hospital to examine claims that cannabis fights multiple myeloma


Nano-bullet tech shoots down brain cancer in Tel Aviv U study

Israeli researchers may have discovered a way to beat the worst form of malignant glial tumors


Argentina’s Senate okays one-off compensation to AMIA blast victims

The compensation for the estates of 85 people killed will be about $170,000 for each victim.


Zuckerberg: I'm bringing free internet to Europe

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals he will bring Facebook's free internet project to Europe


Viola Private Equity closes $250m investment fund

Viola Private Equity invests in growth-stage companies in software, eCommerce, cyber security, FinTech, and healthcare.


Cloud security co Adallom raises $30m

The financing round includes the first investment by Hewlett Packard Ventures.


Music education technology co Tonara raises $5m

Chinese search engine Baidu led the investment, which will accelerate growth, particularly in China.


New Israeli research sheds light on the moon’s origins

Study, published in Nature, proposes that the moon was formed as a result of a collision of the Earth and a major celestial body called Theia.


Roman Abramovich buys Tel Aviv hotel

Abramovich has paid NIS 100 million for Neve Tzedek's Varsano Hotel, which he is expected to turn into his Israeli home.


Startup's pocket sensor can analyze your food

Consumer Physics' handheld spectrometer looks like sci-fi but can actually analyze food - outputting not only components but calorie count


Many Jewish-owned businesses believed among victims of massive London jewelry heist

The thieves, who are believed to have entered via the roof and abseiled down the elevator shaft, may have netted up to one billion shekels-worth of diamonds and other jewelry.


B2B marketing platform co Folloze raises $3.3m

The investment was led by NEA, Cervin Ventures and TriplePoint Ventures, with participation by angel investors.


Israeli scientists develop body armor inspired by fish skin

The protective yet flexible material could be used to protect soldiers and space-walking astronauts.


Cancer drug found effective in treating autoimmune baldness

Drug in clinical trials as an alopecia treatment.


Israeli tech powers longest-ever driverless car journey

Delphi’s San Francisco-to-Manhattan autonomous vehicle adventure uses Mobileye’s Advanced Drive Assistance System


Khosla Ventures Invests In Israeli Medical Imaging Startup Zebra

Researchers hope anonymized medical imaging can identify diseases more accurately and earlier than is currently possible.


Cloud services co TriPlay raises $11m

TriPlay will use the funds for marketing, accelerating R&D and growing its user base.


Fridman to spend 16 billion on purchasing telecommunication assets of EU and USA

Mikhail Fridman is prepared to acquire business in various spheres.


Heart muscle cells regrown in medical research breakthrough

Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and Victor Chang Institute in Sydney make discovery which may have major implications for heart attack sufferers


A Pomegranate-Date Cocktail A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, Israeli Researchers Find

A team of researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has discovered that the combination of pomegranate juice and dates along with their pits provide maximum protection against atherosclerosis, which can cause a heart attack or stroke.


Best startup that solves capital’s problems to be rewarded in Kiev

Maxim Yakover is on the jury of the competition for startups with a prize of 200,000 hryvnia.


Founder of Chasopis opens School of Ukrainian entrepreneurship

Students can expect 45 hours of practice, 15 hours of accompaniment and 7 hours of individual consultations from 20 mentors


Israeli seabirds make record flight to Africa

Two tiny Israeli-born little terns fly 4,000 miles to winter hideout in Mozambique


Israeli experts develop grapes that grow all year round

Researchers successfully grow existing variety of seedless grape during winter months


Eye treatment co EyeYon raises $2m

The company has developed a contact lens for treating corneal edema.


On-demand transit co Via raises $27m

The funding was led by Pitango VC, with Hearst Ventures, Roman Abramovich's Ervington Investments, and 83North.


Wix buys Israeli start-up Moment.Me

Moment.Me, whose platform creates multimedia albums of events, is Wix's third acquisition in a year.


Israel approves natural gas exports to Jordan

$500-million deal will sell 1.87 billion cubic meters of gas to private companies over the next 15 years


Israeli Tax Authority Insists Google And Facebook Pay Taxes

A company can now be considered a permanent establishment in Israel even when its activity is performed mainly via the Internet.


Israel joins the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

srael's membership in the Bank will open opportunities for integration of Israeli companies in various infrastructure projects, which will be financed by the bank.


Europe’s biggest bank now Israeli tech customer

Santander is investing $5 million in Israel’s MyCheck, making its initial foray into locally made financial technology


Fresh hope that 2,000-year old seed could restore extinct biblical Judean palm

Methuselah the 10-foot tall date palm tree is a boy, researchers say, and think a female may be found.


Israeli firm Teva buying Auspex for $3.2 billion

Auspex's lead product candidate is aimed at treating symptoms associated with Huntington's disease.


Israel’s Intelescope Solutions Raises $8.3 Million

“With our sights on the enormous forestry industry, the combination of our analysis, client data and the cloud, will transform the industry."


Meerkat, hit Israeli social media startup, raises $14 million

Investors include Hollywood A-listers, but Twitter launches rival service.


Rival Rothschild branches face court battle over family name

No entity has the right to lay sole claim to the Rothschild name.


Situation surrounding Ukrnafta inspires Kiev resident to create startup

Editor of “New Channel” sells cups with portrait of Kolomoisky.


Israeli scientists crack the mystery of Saturn's day

New research at Tel Aviv University determines that the planet takes seven minutes less than previously thought to complete full turn on its axis.


Israeli Cyber Security Researchers Discover New Method To Hack Air-Gapped Computers Using Heat

By regulating the heat patterns, binary data is turned into thermal signals.


Ukraine plans to purchase defense equipment from Israel

A delegation from Dnepropetrovsk visited Israel to hold talks.


Roman Abramovich leads investment in Israel's iAngels

iAngels has developed a model for investment of small amounts in start-ups, based on experienced investors.


Microsoft inaugurates new Haifa R&D center

The new building houses 150 engineers and Microsoft is recruiting dozens more employees in Israel.


Israel to host world's biggest science conference

Dozens of world renowned scientists, Nobel Prize laureates and 400 young people considered the future generation of global science will participate in a major event in Jerusalem this summer.


Innovative treatment in Israel saves Syrian rebel’s leg

A young Syrian fighter who arrived in Israel in critical condition, received experimental treatment that helped save his leg. The doctors gave him a wrench so that he can continue treatment when back in Syria.


50 shades of graze: Gazelles get their own nature park in Jerusalem

Activists fought long battle against plan to build a new neighborhood on site, near the Holyland development.


Israel hosts international Cybertech conference

More than 5,000 people from 50 countries are expected to attend two-day cyber security exhibition in Tel Aviv


Israeli tech promises a sharper pair of glasses

Multifocal-busting technology and more will be on display at this year’s Israel Machine Vision Conference


Israeli RT Surveillance System Skystar 180 Approved For Purchase By US Army

The U.S. Army encourages companies from around the world to submit technologies, in the form of production-ready devices and products, for approval.


NewCO2Fuels Markets Revolutionary Alternative To Fuel Based On Water And CO2

Turning water and carbon dioxide (the dreaded CO2) into sustainable fuel may sound like science fiction, but Israeli researchers and companies are making it a reality.


Application for smartphones with news from Ukraine launched in Israel

The “News lightning” application was developed with innovative floating interface technology.


Ashton Kutcher And Guy Oseary Launch Sound Ventures

Kutcher and Oseary moving up to invest other people’s money.


TAU Study Finds Narcolepsy Bears Autoimmune Hallmarks

Tel Aviv University researcher finds an autoimmune process plays major role in triggering neurological disorder.


Kenigshtein and Utkin to launch grant fund for startups to help soldiers

Ilya Kenigshtein has been appointed executive director of the new project.


Israeli researchers working on world's first lab-grown chicken

Task is more difficult than producing the first lab-grown hamburger, a $300,000 beef patty cooked up at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, researchers say.


Australia holds first Limmud FSU conference

Some 400 people attend event tailored for Russian-speaking Jews, in effort to connect them to Judaism.


Israel’s SHL Telemedicine Signs Japan Distribution Agreement For Smartheart

We are delighted to have signed this important distribution agreement in Japan with USCI. It is a validation for the unique features of our smartheart.


2 Major Neuroscience Awards At Braintech 2015

The prizes acknowledge the work of neuroscientists and mathematicians.


Israelis win best app award with Fansino

The phone app Fansino, developed by two Israelis, won Best App of the Year at the mobile industry’s largest cross-platform applications showcase.


Korogodsky presents new book We Had Sex

The book is intended for readers of different age groups.


Heartbeat Is Complex, Synchronized Event, Find Weizmann Institute and Penn Scientists

The study may help define the limitations of existing therapies for abnormal heartbeat and, in the future, suggest ways of designing new ones.


PayPal buys Israeli cyber security co CyActive

CyActive describes itself as a predictive cyber security company.


Singapore seeks to ramp up Israel investment

Both are high-tech nations with small populations, meaning they have to turn to broader markets.


Swiss firm Temenos buys Israeli-run startup Multifonds for $262m

Multifonds employs 470 people in 14 offices globally.


Weizmann Institute Study: People Sniff Their Hands Twice As Much After A Handshake

The amount of air inhaled by the volunteers through the nose doubled when they brought their hands to their face.


Nanotech Drug Delivery Method For Cancer Could Replace Conventional Chemotherapy

Anyone who knows a person in the midst of chemotherapy is aware that anti-cancer drugs often take a very harsh toll on the body.


Tower wins major Intel IR sensor deal

Intel chose Tower's CMOS image sensor platform for its unparalleled pixel performance at near infrared light.


Remini App Offers Instant Communication Between Teachers And Parents

What parents and schools are finding out about Remini is that it is a secure space to share a child's memories and achievements with the people who really count.


Israeli lawyer shares experience with Crimean migrants

The head of the law firm came to Ukraine especially to take part in a round table.


Could the Electronic Tongue save us from bad coffee?

An Israeli college has replaced human tasters with a high-tech one that, in addition to developing the perfect pomegranate drink, could boost agricultural exports and more.


In video, Coca Cola recalls 'good old times' of Nazi rule in Germany

Following criticism, the company pulls the Fanta 75th anniversary video.


Tel Aviv U Researcher Stops Tumor Proliferation With Nanoparticples

Tel Aviv University researchers' groundbreaking strategy stops brain tumor cell proliferation with targeted nanoparticles.


Israel companies profit from popularity on London Stock Exchange

UK investors attending a summit at the LSE on Monday were told that interest in Israeli companies had grown steadily.


Hebrew University develops ‘breakthough’ method to suppress malaria parasite’s harmful genes

Jerusalem researchers have discovered the genetic mechanism by which the 'Plasmodium falciparum' parasite evades the body’s immune response to cause the most dangerous type of human malaria.


Israeli scientists help you quit smoking while you sleep

Through smell stimulus association, smokers can change behavior and decrease cigarette addition.


Apple CEO Tim Cook makes surprise Israel visit

Head of tech giant meets President Reuven Rivlin, opens new R&D center in Herzliya


Daydreaming improves efficiency, Israeli study finds

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University say a wandering mind can boost brain function and improve task performance


Israel and Canada to help Ukrainian farmers

30,000 families in four Oblasts of the country will receive aid.


Medical Marijuana May Soon Get Kosher Stamp of Approval

Kosher marijuana could soon be available to Orthodox Jews in New York State — but only on doctor’s orders.


Israel’s fuel saving ‘Taxibot’ deployed in German airport

Innovative IAI-developed tug vehicle tows aircraft from gate to runway; expected to reduce carbon emissions and cut fuel costs


Israeli, UK researchers awarded £3m grants

The grants are part of a £10 million program for cooperation between the UK and Israel on regenerative medicine.


Israelis are growing coral in the desert for medical purposes

Far from the ocean, deep in Israel’s Negev Desert, man-made coral reefs are being grown inside large aquariums to be turned into bone grafts.


Israeli tourism suffers from war in Ukraine

Israeli holy sites are empty because of the war in Donbass.


Microsoft to buy Israeli company N-trig for at least $200m

N-trig was valued at $75 million last February.


Wiki founder wins $1m Israeli prize

Jimmy Wales, 5 other laureates, honored for achievements in science, technology, cultural accomplishments


Ukrainian IT companies criticise the authorities for the lack of reform

In Ukraine seven representatives of the IT sphere have shown the president and the prime minister the ‘yellow card’ for indecision in matters of reform.


Israeli researchers discover link between autism and Alzheimer’s

Lack of a single gene — ADNP — could be the common cause of conditions that affect males and females differently


Israelis held $10 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts

Only people from five countries held more money at the HSBC branch between 1988 and 2007, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.


Zuckerbergs Make Historic $75 Million Grant To San Francisco General Hospital

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s donation will help equip and furnish the hospital’s new building as well as enable the hospital to provide patients with ongoing support.


Israeli tech start-up reinvented the microwave

With Goji’s RF technology, dinner will come out perfectly done in minutes


2015 Israeli high-tech exits reach $862m

Acquisitions by Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox and others have enriched many Israeli entrepreneurs in the first few weeks of this year.


New Israeli App Improves Concentration with Eye-Tracking

Israeli startup behind app which uses smartphones to battle attention issues - likely the first of its kind.


GetGems: The startup where social networking meets bitcoin

You can send text messages and money through this app, which will be giving out 'gems,' its own virtual currency, over the next three years.


Intel expands in Israel via Germany

Intel is expanding its already massive presence Israel indirectly.


Ukraine has risen and Israel has dropped in the ranking of the best countries for doing business

In the ranking of the best countries for doing business compiled by the World Bank, Ukraine rose to 96th place and Israel dropped to 40th place.


Garik Korogorsky: I want to take Ukrainian citizenship while keeping my Israeli citizenship

The flamboyant Kiev millionaire, co-owner of the Dream Town shopping center which had an annual turnover of 419 million hryvnia in 2014, has posted an open letter to deputies on his Facebook page.


Deputy chairman of Donetsk community Ieguda Kellerman is alive

The latest attempt to “play the anti-Semitic card, to sow panic in the Jewish community not only in regions controlled by terrorists, but throughout all Ukraine” has been unmasked.


Intel evacuates factory over bomb threat, where many Israelis work

Intel Ireland evacuated thousands of employees, dozens of them Israelis, from its factory not far from Dublin over a bomb threat. The Independent reported that a call was made at 6:30am (8:30am Israel time) alerting to the bomb, leading Special Forces to conduct searches in the factory.


First single-malt whiskey distillery to open in Israel

In 2017 in Jaffa, the first distillery in Israel will open, which will manufacture the single-malt whiskey Milk & Honey.


Google and IDC Herzliya launch annual award in online journalism

Google has teamed up with the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya to launch an annual award for journalists and publications engaged in online journalism.


Free webinars from JewSpace to help Jews from Ukraine find jobs

The leading staff recruitment expert of the CIS will hold webinars on the JewSpace portal for members of the Jewish community who want to find jobs.


Israeli designer builds futuristic complex in Abu-Dhabi

The Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit helped to turn the island of Nurai by the shoreline of Abu Dhabi into an elite settlement with unique underground and underwater houses, which create the illusion of solitude for their inhabitants.


Israeli entrepreneurs: war in Ukraine may stimulate development of technology

Military experience unites people and helps to create long-lasting business partnerships in peacetime. This opinion was expressed by managing partner at Hybrid Capital Ilia Kenigshtein at a business seminar in Ukraine.


El Al postponed flight to Kiev due to strike

EL AL, Israel’s leading airline, has announced Sunday that four of its central flights to Kiev, Newark, London and Budapest were delayed due to purposeful disruption on the part of their pilots.


Haifa Port May Soon Become Entertainment & Commercial Zone

Haifa port may soon undergo a facelift, with a plan for redevelopment to include an entertainment zone, a commercial zone and links to the city’s beaches.


Israeli startups set record for exits in 2014

Israeli high-tech and biotech startups witnessed a record year of acquisitions and initial public offerings (IPOs), according to end-of-year reports by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ethosia Human Resources.


Lawsuit Filed Against Revlon CEO for Anti-Semitic Remarks

A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Revlon cosmetics CEO Lorenzo Delpani for making bigoted remarks against African-Americans, Jews, and Americans in general.


Vaccine developed in Israel which blocks 90% of cancer types

The Israeli biotech company Vaxil BioTherapeutics has developed a cancer vaccine which can prevent the return of 90% of the various types of this fatal disease.


Gaza conflict had a minor effect on tourism in Israel

Summer's Gaza conflict had a minor effect on overall number of visitors to Israel last year, thanks to a significant increase in arrivals in first half of year.


Intel to invest $550 million in Israel through 2020

Intel has promised to spend at least $550 million in Israel in the next five years.


Two first graders started a fundraising campaign to find a cure for a rare disease

First-grade buddies raise $1 million with donations streaming in from 60 countries across the globe.


Smartphone for disabled people developed in Israel

Electrical power engineer Giora Livne, who has been in a wheelchair for nine years, and application developer Oded Ben Dov from Israel have created the Sesame smartphone for disabled people.


Crisis in Russia threatens export of Israeli agricultural produce

Israeli farmers are worried about the fall of the ruble and the possible recession in the Russian economy because of the growth of dependence on the Russian market, in connection with the unofficial boycott of Israeli produce in the EU and the oversaturation of the European market


New gas field discovered in Israel

A new natural gas field has been discovered on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel – the third largest to be found in Israeli waters


Baidu invests $3 million in Israeli start-up

The Chinese Internet giant Baidu has made its first direct investment in the Israeli start-up company Pixellot


Israeli company learns to make cellulose from waste water

The young Israeli company Applied Cleantech, which works in the field of eco-technology, has launched a campaign to raise funds to develop technology for using waste water to make cellulose


45% of Ukrnefteburenie taken from Kolomoisky in court

The Ukrainian supreme economic court refused to restore ownership rights to 44.999% of shares in Ukrnefteburenie


Israeli confectioner wins at international chocolate exhibition

The confectioner Ika Chocolate from Tel-Aviv won the gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards in London for a truffle with a mixture of za’atar herbs