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Until Rosh Chodesh Sivan left 2 days

French blame Jews for growth in anti-Semitism

French blame Jews for growth in anti-Semitism


Klichko to introduce Jerusalem’s experience in Kiev

“We are interested in your experience in attracting hi-tech companies and creating conditions for them to work successfully”


Oleg Vishnyakov: Israelis understand Ukrainians very well

“God Himself has willed for us to be together and to support each other”


Israeli president favors de-occupation of the Crimea

Revulin Rivlin holds meeting with Pyotr Poroshenko


Cabinet approved plan of events for 75th anniversary of Babi Yar tragedy

The according degree has been published on the government’s Internet portal


Kiev street to be renamed in honor of Boris Nemtsov

In all likelihood, the opposition politician will give his name to Vozdukhoflotsky Avenue.


Poroshenko meets with representatives of Jewish organizations in the USA

The president thanked the representatives for support that the American Jewish community gives Ukraine.


Yatsenyuk: Babi Yar is the site of one of the greatest tragedies in the world

The Prime Minster honored the memory of the victims of Babi Yar


Jim Joseph Foundation Funds Israel’s ‘Northern Exposure’ Program

The post-Birthright 'Northern Exposure' has won an expansion grant from the US-based Jim Joseph Foundation


France's National Front expels founder Le Pen

The decision was taken by the Front's executive committee


Hamas claims to nab Israeli spy dolphin

Islamist group’s naval unit says it captured mammal equipped with espionage equipment


Donald Trump warns that Iran deal will lead to Nuclear Holocaust

Real estate mogul slammed the Secretary of State John Kerry over the nuclear deal


Israelis to be allowed cannabis as prescription drug

Deputy Minister of Health Yakov Litzman said the drug will be available in pharmacies.


Canada and Israel unveil new free-trade agreement

Exports between the two countries have more than tripled to $1.6 billion in less than two decades.


Knesset speaker urges Zuckerberg to remove incitement from Facebook

Speaker Yuli Edelstein says there are limits to free speech: pages that include 'Death to Arabs' and 'Death to Jews' in their titles have no place on social media.


London neo-Nazis outnumbered by counter-protesters

200 demonstrators shout ‘Nazis off our streets’ as two dozen racists wave Palestinian, Confederate flags


Israelis win 12 medals at European Games in Baku

Ziv Kalontarov, 18, won a gold medal in the men's 50-meter freestyle swim on Saturday


Some 1,200 rally for Israel at UN Human Rights Council

Protesters demand council end its 'obsession' with Israel and treat the Jewish state fairly.


France approves $60 mn compensation over Nazi rail deportations

During the German occupation of France, the Nazi regime deported almost 76,000 Jews to concentration camps in French freight cars


Indian intelligence warns of attacks against Israelis

Al-Qaeda said planning to strike Jewish and Israeli targets ahead of Tisha B’Av


Israeli Friends of Ukraine launches project to assist Ukrainian doctors

The public organization has been helping Ukrainian for over a year


Spain passes law of return for Sephardic Jews

Applicants to be vetted by local Jewish community, face language and history tests before securing new passport


Ukraine and Israel discuss creation of free trade zone

Politicians see the need to advance the process of creating an FTZ between the countries


Yatsenyuk: Unity of the Jews is the best response to any aggression

The Ukrainian Prime Minister spoke at the forum of the American Jewish Committee


Disputed Holocaust memorial dedicated in Greece

The black marble monument commemorates the 1,484 Jews from Kavala who were murdered by the Nazis


Jerusalem Mayor to the Rescue Again

The report made headlines worldwide, earning the mayor favorable comparisons to Batman, among other vigilante heroes


Arseny Yatsenyuk to speak at the American Jewish Committee Forum

Representatives of the AJC call themselves “stalwart supporters of Ukrainian independence”


Nazi who ‘slaughtered a village’ found unfit for trial

Prosecutors drop case against former SS officer, 93, who allegedly killed 560 civilians in Tuscany in 1944


Palestinians drop bid to suspend Israel from FIFA

Still, the Palestinian delegation’s threat to bring Israel’s proposed suspension to a vote also received extensive media coverage


UK government investigates Belz rabbis’ ban on women drivers

Minister calls ruling ‘unacceptable in modern Britain'


Indian ice cream named after Hitler sparks anger in Germany

German newspaper Bild labelled the cones a macabre publicity stunt.


Physicist Leon Lederman sold his Nobel Prize Medal

The reserve price had been set at $325,000


Most Holocaust Survivors Worldwide in Poverty

About 50% of survivors worldwide live in poverty, need urgent help


German party lifts requirement for Muslim students to visit concentration camps

The decision was made even after anti-Semitism has become rampant among young German muslims.


Catholic school in Hungary makes Holocaust ed compulsory

With help from Tel Aviv University, Pazmany Peter Catholic University compiles course material required for all students


Egyptian court says not authorized to label Israel terrorist state

The court has no legal authority to consider such a lawsuit.


Israir jet held in Lisbon over outstanding debt

CEO calls move by Portuguese EuroAtlantic Airways drastic, since dispute over seven-year-old damages is still in courts


Barkat says Jerusalem to add security cameras around capital

The remark came in response to a request from Jerusalem journalist Haim Shibi that Barkat use his influence to stop police from impeding photojournalists


Brussels remembers Jewish Museum victims one year on

The crowd brought flowers and lit candles in memory of the victims


Pentagon approves 1.9 billion arms sale to Israel

US says thousands of missiles and bombs to be provided for self-defense needs


Ben-Gurion Airport rolls out biometric passport control

It is another step in the implementation of biometric IDs and passports in Israel.


Iran: 800,000 Missiles Pointed at Tel Aviv

According to a top Iranian advisor, Tehran has “tens of thousands” of missiles pointed at Israel


Iran Denies Involvement in 1994 AMIA Bombing

Former Iranian FM calls case proving Iranian, Hezbollah involvement in bombing a 'lie.'


Jewish family foundation awards Baltimore grants in wake of riots

Weinberg Foundation awarded some $400,000 to Baltimore area nonprofit organizations.


President Reuven Rivlin receives honorary doctorate at Bar-Ilan University

The university also bestowed honors to former IDF chief of staff Benjamin Gantz and Yehoram Gaon


Britain’s Jews choose new leadership

Jonathan Arkush voted president of the Board of Deputies, the 250-year-old body that leads the UK’s Jewish community


Greek city in u-turn after Holocaust memorial ‘insult’

According to newspaper Kathimerini, mayor Dimitra Tsanaka apologised for the request, which she attributed to a “huge misunderstanding”


US Holocaust museum censures Ukraine over decision to honor Nazi collaborators

Museum expresses deep concern over two bills passed by the Ukrainian parliament in April


Eric Pickles is new Conservative Friends of Israel chairman

Mr Pickles’s first visit to Israel was with CFI in 1994


European rabbis honor French PM Valls for combating anti-Semitism

Awards comes less than a month after Manuel Valls announced national effort to combat France’s rising levels of anti-Jewish incidents.


2,000-year-old synagogue near Mount Meron vandalized

Religious graffiti sprayed on ancient walls of recently renovated historic site.


Natalie Portman 'very upset' over Netanyahu's re-election, 'racist comments'

While critical of Netanyahu, Portman was careful “not to use [this platform]” to help “some people…shit on Israel.”


Five S. African universities join anti-Israel boycott

Students will audit universities' investments and service providers to ensure they don't deal with Israel


Florida prisons ordered to serve kosher meals

Federal judge rules prisoners requesting such food much receive it


Anti-Semitic incidents in Czech Republic rose sharply in 2014

New report was released by Prague’s Jewish community


President sends dress for royal baby

Pink garment reads ‘From Israel with Love'; brooch features hamsa symbol.


Iosif Gofman, last surviving witness of the Nuremberg Trial, dies in Poltava

Iosif Gofman was the personal bodyguard of the USSR’s chief prosecutor at Nuremberg.


Oskar Groening trial: Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor criticised by co-accusers for saying ex-SS officer should not face trial

Oskar Groening is accused of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 prisoners at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp


UN report: Israel responsible for hits on 7 Gaza facilities during war

Report also finds that three UN facilities were used by Palestinian militants for storing weapons, and shooting rockets and mortar shells.


Morocco: Shimon Peres Branded a 'Child Killer'

Pro-Palestinian groups in Rabat call for the former President's arrest before an upcoming visit, claiming he is a 'terrorist.'


Peres cancels Bank Hapoalim deal following controversy

After publications that he would be earning 30,000 dollars a month in order to promote Bank Hapoalim led to public criticism, former Israeli President Peres decided to back off from the agreement.


Pope Will Knight New York Rabbi

Arthur Schneier will enter Order of St. Sylvester, the fifth-highest papal order.


Israel sends delegation to Armenian genocide ceremony

‘As Jews, we must recognize the fact that an Armenian genocide occurred,’ says Labor MK Nachman Shai


U.S. accidentally killed Jewish hostage in al-Qaida raid

Warren Weinstein had been held hostage by al-Qaida since 2011


Jewish groups call on EU to act on Mediterranean refugees

1,700 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean in recent weeks


Obama: Netanyahu not invited to White House until after Iran talks

Obama was worried Netanyahu would publicly vent his complaints about his administration's Iran policy


Ros Altmann: 'Orthodox Jewish women can take leadership roles'

Dr Altmann will also be made a Tory peer irrespective of the election outcome on May 7.


Ukraine congratulates Israel on Independence Day

The Ukrainian embassy wished the friendly nation peace and prosperity.


International effort to locate graves of Jewish soldiers who fought Nazis

Commonwealth War Graves Commission joins special project launched by Jewish Caucasian oligarch German Zakharyayev and Conference of European Rabbis to find place of burial of 250,000 Jewish troops who were killed in World War Il while fighting for Allies' armies.


Amnesty International rejects call to fight anti-Semitism

Human rights group says it opposes campaign focused specifically on anti-Jewish discrimination rather than prejudice generally


Rivlin refuses meeting with former US president

Foreign Ministry recommended president not meet with Carter in light of his "anti-Israel" position.


‘Polite’ bank robber strikes 8 times

Police appeal for public’s help in tracking down a very civilized thief


Israel fights to protect albinos in Africa

Israel joins UN effort to combat discrimination and abuse of albinos in many African countries.


Bank Hapoalim paying Shimon Peres $30,000 a month

Adviser says former president not involved in bank’s activities in Israel, only overseas.


SS ‘accountant of Auschwitz’ going on trial in Germany

Oskar Groening, 93, recalls the ‘atrocities,’ admits feeling they were ‘necessary,’ and now faces 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.


Egypt jails man for life for 'spying for Israel'

Sinai court also sentences in absentia two Israeli citizens who were allegedly the man's handlers.


Czech couple from Volyn awarded title of Righteous Among the Nations

The family concealed a Jewish girl from the Nazis during WWII


New Israeli device prevents drivers from checking phones

Good2Go, an Israeli start-up company, has developed a device to prevent drivers from using apps which distract them from driving.


Israeli short film accepted into 2015 Cannes Festival

Director Miki Polonski's 'Asara Rehovot Mea Etsim' selected for prestigious film festival's Cinéfondation Competition


Israeli military networks breached by hackers

An espionage campaign was most likely carried out by Arabic-speaking programmers


FBI director: Holocaust museum program a must for new agents

The program was developed in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League


Paris to Pour 100M Euros into Program to Fight Anti-Semitism

'French Jews must no longer be scared to be Jewish,' French PM insists. Program also to fight Islamophobia.


Protest against Kremlin’s policy to be held in Tel-Aviv

Protests will also be held in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, the Netherlands and other countries.


K.C. march marks anniversary of deadly shootings at Jewish sites

Registration for the walk was cut off at 3,000 people, though many more wanted to participate.


Yad Vashem displays toys of Jewish children in the Holocaust

'Children in the Holocaust: Stars Without a Heaven' exhibit opens window into world of some 1.5 million children murdered the Nazis.


Israel to host international conference on nuclear testing

Around 100 representatives from Arab and Muslim states will attend Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization conference.


Far-right French party founder Le Pen rebuffs daughter's call to quit

Jean-Marie Le Pen rejects call from daughter, French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, to leave politics after remarks on French PM, Holocaust


The co-president of Vaad Ukraine Iosif Zisels meets American senator

Participants of the meeting discussed questions relating to military operations in the East of the country.


Representatives of Lugansk People’s Republic occupy building of Jewish school in Lugansk

The Jewish school of the 1st-3rd degree and a pre-school institution functioned in the building.


Argentina to declassify all intel on Israeli Embassy bombing

Government decision on deadly 1992 attack comes in response to request by Argentine Supreme Court


Paris kosher mart killer’s initial target was a Jewish school

Newspaper report says Amedy Coulibaly only chose the Hyper Cacher supermarket after his first plan was foiled


Israelis think Holocaust will one day be forgotten

Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance day next week, 4 in every 5 say they believe Shoah will eventually lose its resonance


Kiev Rabbi Gains Diplomatic Title

Rabbi Jonathan Binyamin Markovitch honored at Ukranian Parliament


Michael Bloomberg Receives Honorary Knighthood at British Ambassador’s Residence

Vice President Joe Biden honored the ceremony with his presence.


US rabbi wants to hold Holocaust commemoration in Ramallah

Marc Schneier says he is “working on some very significant events to take place within Muslim countries.”


Italian Nazi camp survivors quit Liberation Day parade

An Italian organization made up of concentration camp survivors said it will not attend the country’s annual Liberation Day parade because a Jewish group was banned.


Michael Bloomberg 'considering running for mayor of London'

Michael Bloomberg, the American billionaire businessman, three-time New York mayor and philanthropist, is considering running as Tory candidate for London mayor in 2016, it has been claimed.


Ankara: 'No One in Turkey is Anti-Semitic'

Despite exodus of Turkish Jews, anti-Israel tirades, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister insists Turkey is merely protesting Israel's policies.


Paris supermarket hostages sue media over live coverage

Images broadcast from the scene endangered those still alive inside, lawyer says.


Netanyahu to Obama: Iran deal threatens Israel’s survival

PM tells president agreement based on new framework would ‘legitimize Iran’s nuclear program, bolster its economy, increase its aggression and terror in Mideast and beyond.


Anti-Semitism in Netherlands Up 71% in 2014, Says Watchdog

There was an increase of 71% in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands in 2014, finds an annual report.


Nadezhda Savchenko’s lawyer suspected of extremism

The lawyer believes that the authorities want to remove him from Savchenko’s case.


ICC 'welcomes State of Palestine' as 123rd member at ceremony

“As Palestine formally becomes a State Party to the Rome Statute today, the world is also a step closer to ending a long era of impunity and injustice." PA foreign minister says.


France Arrests 3 Men in Connection with Hyper Cacher Attack

French authorities arrest three men with links to the terrorist who killed four people at kosher supermarket in Paris.


Israeli doctors save Ukrainian border guard’s leg

The Ukrainian is very grateful to the doctors who saved him.


Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church awards Kolomoisky and his deputies for bravery

The awards to the Jewish patriots were presented during the event “Dnepr for Ukraine”.


Israeli rescue team to assist at Germanwings crash site

The ZAKA volunteers will be tasked with recovering and returning for a Jewish burial in Israel the remains of Israeli passenger Eyal Baum.


Soros is ready to invest one billion USD in Ukraine

Financier will provide money to Ukraine if Western countries help private investment there.


Israeli doctors plan to help demobilized soldiers from ATO zone

Israelis will primarily held training sessions for Ukrainian specialists.


Holocaust survivors to restore Polish Torah scroll

The scroll was found last year by volunteers in a rural area in northern Poland.


World Jewish Relief directs all efforts to help the Jews of Ukraine

The organization is already helping 300 refugees in the Zaporozhye region.


Israel gives medicine for injured soldiers from ATO

The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel expressed gratitude to the Israeli volunteers.


Name released of Israeli among 150 killed in Germanwings crash

Eyal Baum was on board flight from Spain to France when it crashed in French Alps, killing all 150 passengers and crew.


Kolomoisky accuses Poroshenko’s ally of being responsible for the situation surrounding Ukrtransnafta

According to the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, an attempt at an illegal takeover by “Russian infiltrators” took place at Ukrtransnafta.


Jews of Great Britain to help Jews of Ukraine affected by warfare in Donbass

Jews of the United Kingdom are invited to make three types of donations.


French anti-Semitic comic Dieudonne found guilty over Charlie Hebdo joke

Court finds comedian guilty of condoning terrorism, but lets him off with a suspended sentence of two months in jail.


Court: Seattle Anti-Israel Poster Ban Kosher

A US Appeals Court ruled that King's County officials were within their rights to ban anti-Israel posters from city buses in Seattle.


Erekat: International community to blame for Netanyahu reelection

Palestinian negotiator says results show 'the success of a campaign platform based on settlements, racism, apartheid'; Senior PA officials: Netanyahu's win shows there is no partner in Israel.


Feldman to help migrants and participants of the ATO to open their own business.

The deputy will provide entrepreneurs with spaces at the largest shopping center in Ukraine.


Poroshenko appoints economist Alexander Paskhaver as his advisor

The economist intends to concentrate on carrying out reforms.


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu claims victory in tightly fought Israeli election

Israel’s ruling Likud party appears to have secured a win in the country’s general election.


Chuck Norris Endorses Bibi

Can Chuck Norris come to Benjamin Netanyahu’s rescue in elections?


We believe in Israel conference to be held in London

Conference participants will discuss the political situation in the State of Israel.


Only two Duma deputies honor Nemtsov’s memory with minute of silence

State Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov put forward the initiative to honor Boris Nemtsov’s memory.


Monthly rallies to be held in Buenos Aires for slain prosecutor

‘Memoria Nisman’ gatherings to be held on the 18th of the month until Alberto Nisman case resolved


Groisman: Donbass will not receive special status

The draft laws submitted to parliament by the president were misunderstood.


Greek Jews remember transport to Nazi death camps

Crowd of 2,000 marches to Thessaloniki’s old railway station, where 50,000 were sent to their deaths 72 years ago


City defense system based on Israel model planned in Lviv

A factory will also be opened in the city to manufacture pumps for oil production.


Natalie Portman joins campaign for poor Israeli kids

During short private visit to Israel, Hollywood star signs petition calling on next government to end child poverty in the country.


Europeans will not hear Kobzon until at least 15 September

The EU has extended individual sanctions on Ukraine.


Israeli general wants rabbis out of army oath-taking ceremony

Brig. Gen. Paz-Tzuk, IDF's chief education officer, says rite is not a religious one, so no need for rabbis.


Paris’s Hyper Cacher to reopen next week

Kosher supermarket where four Jewish hostages were killed in a January terror attack has been renovated and restaffed.


ISIS spokesperson: We want Paris and Jerusalem

In new recording, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani rejects claims group suffering setbacks, vows attacks on White House, Big Ben, and Eiffel Tower.


Former Russian Jewish Congress president wants to hang Ukrainian Jewish leaders

A former head of the Russian-Jewish community called for the deaths of two of his Ukrainian counterparts.


Ukrainian Jew awarded for volunteering in ATO zone

Along with a medal the officer was given a special certificate.


Hamas rejected proposal for truce with Israel

The proposal was put forward by the outgoing United Nations special coordinator for Middle East Robert Serry.


Groisman: No aggressor has ever overcome Ukraine

The Chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine met with the Swedish Prime Minister.


Deputy Feldman believes that anti-Semitic acts are being prepared in Kharkov

The politician requested the heads of the law-enforcement structures of Ukraine to take appropriate measures.


EU Vice President Supports Anti-Semitism Task Force

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed support from a high-ranking European Commission official to create a European Union task force on anti-Semitism.


Chief Rabbinate removes ban on Christmas trees at Israeli hotels

Chief Rabbinate decides on Jewish religious law in the country.


US senator named anti-Semitism watchdog for OSCE

Cardin will report to OSCE on the records of the participating states and advise the assembly on how best to protect individuals and communities.


Inter-party association to cooperate with Israel formed in Rada

The new group includes 16 members of the Ukrainian parliament.


Police question man who posed as doctor for 4 months at Haifa hospital

Imposter would wander the wards of Rambam Medical Center, even posting photos of himself at ‘work’ on his Facebook page.


Israelis hold protest in support of Nadezhda Savchenko

The protest is taking place outside the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv.


Nemtsov’s report on Russian soldiers in Ukraine to be published by his colleagues

The document is contained on a computer confiscated by law-enforcement officers.


Israel to help open rehabilitation center for ATO soldiers in Kiev

Israel’s experience is invaluable for Ukraine.


Police find surprise hash brownies inside Purim baskets

The police raided a Tel-Aviv apartment yesterday and found large amounts of drugs, some of which were hidden inside Purim baskets.


Yarmolnik threatens to leave Civil platform if Makarevich is expelled

The actor promised to do everything in his power to stop Andrei Makarevich’s expulsion from the committee.


Ukraine posthumously awards Nemtsov Order of Freedom

Pyotr Poroshenko said that Nemtsov would forever remain a patriot of Russia and a friend of Ukraine.


Argentina wants former Israeli diplomat to testify in attack probe

Yitzhak Aviran, the Israeli ambassador to Argentina during the 1984 bombing, said in an interview that Israel had 'taken care' of the bombers.


Navalny and Kasparov do not attend Nemtsov’s funeral

Navalny is under house arrest, and Kasparov fears for his safety.


Investigators look for Ukrainian link in Nemtsov’s murder

This was stated by the mother of a witness of the crime, Ukrainian citizen Anna Duritskaya.


Ex-Israel envoy named secretary general of Uruguay Foreign Ministry

New Uruguayan foreign minister called Greiver "a diplomat with experience and a hard worker".


This Sunday: Ban Ki Moon at Chabad

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon will be the Guest of Honor – via pre-recorded video – at a giant Chabad youth event this Sunday.


Vladimir Voinovich: If Savchenko dies, Putin had better stay out of Europe

The Russian writer called for the release of the Ukrainian pilot.


Shmuel Kaminetsky turns 50!

The chief rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk and the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast celebrates his birthday.


Ex-SS medic, 94, charged over Auschwitz deaths

More than one million people were murdered at Auschwitz, most of them Jewish.


French Jewish leader backs Marine Le Pen

A leader of the French Jewish community has publically endorsed National Font leader Marine Le Pen, describing her as irreproachable.


Israeli Ambassador Hands Out UN's Oscars

Speaking to the Security Council, Ambassador Prosor provided his take of what the Oscars would look like if they were handed out by the UN.


Russian political analyst: If Ukraine receives military assistance from the USA, Russia will attack Kharkov

Stanislav Belkovsky believes that Kharkov will serve as collateral damage if American weaponry is supplied to Ukraine.


French President Vows Tougher Penalties for Anti-Semitism

French President Francois Hollande calls for "faster, more effective sanctions" amid rising anti-Semitism.


Users of social networks criticize IDF for congratulations on 23rd February

People called on the Israel Defense Forces to delete congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day from its Facebook page.


32 Illegal Aliens Arrested in Ashdod

They were all employed at one of three businesses implicated.


Berlin Jewish magazine to be delivered anonymously

Move intended to 'reduce likelihood of hostility,' following anti-Semitic attacks in France and Denmark.


Jerusalem mayor, bodyguards subdue Jerusalem terrorist

Jerusalem terror attack ends with one moderately lightly wounded thanks to quick response by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat who was present at scene with bodyguards who overtook terrorist.


Research shows strong ties between gum disease and cancer

‘Troublemaking’ bacteria that is a major factor in periodontitis prevents the body from properly fending off cancerous cells, Hebrew U research shows.


Foundation for Defense of Democracies names award after Nisman

First recipient is Robert Morgenthau, a former district attorney in Manhattan.


Stanford University student senate passes Israel divestment resolution

The same resolution had failed to pass in a vote last week.


Israeli doctors rebuild Syrian man’s face using 3D printer

He arrived barely alive, after a projectile destroyed the lower part of his face.


French president: Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are threats to the nation

Francois Hollande called on French Jews to remain in France and not follow the Israeli prime minister's call for a mass immigration of European Jews.


Yevgeny Ikhelzon: Donbass residents should take to the streets and demand a ceasefire from Russia

The journalist from Donetsk warns that the situation in Uglegorsk and Debaltsevo is a rehearsal for what may happen in other cities in Donbass.


Groisman: Donbass awaits reform of local administration

The speaker of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine predicts elections in Donbass in October.


Ukraine Jews cautiously optimistic on Russian ceasefire

Chief rabbi ‘hopes for best’ following peace talks, but claims only border shutdown will pressure sides to achieve ‘lasting peace’


Israeli military psychologists share experience with Ukrainians

At training sessions, Israeli psychologists will discuss overcoming post-traumatic syndrome among victims of military conflicts.


Liberman: the war in Ukraine will be shorter than the Arab-Israeli conflict

The minister of foreign affairs of Israel doesn’t want a ‘Middle East on the borders of Russia and Ukraine’


Advisor to Kolomoisky awarded medal for defense of Ukraine

Pavel Khazan is working on creating a system to ensure security in the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast.


East Ukraine Jews to get $650,000 in emergency funding

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to provide medicine, food, housing and security to residents


Russian-Ukrainian conflict reaches Israel

Pro-Ukrainian activist’s car in Israel vandalized by supporters of Russia


Jewish doctor runs for US presidency in 2016

Boston-area Jewish internist was the Green Party's candidate in 2012, and ran unsuccessfully for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010.


Argentine judge taking over Nisman's probe into Jewish center bombing

Daniel Rafecas, who authored a book about the Holocaust was tapped to pick up the late AMIA prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s case.


Arrest warrant draft for Argentine president found at Nisman's home

Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who died under mysterious circumstances, had drafted a warrant that accused Fernandez of trying to shield Iranian officials from responsibility for deadly 1994 Jewish center bombing.


Yevgeny Ikhelzon: In order to influence the government, you must become subjective

The Donetsk journalist believes that despite “electronic democracy”, there is no point in criticizing the government on social networks


Zakharchenko calls Ukrainian government miserable Jews

The anti-Semitic statement by the so-called leader of the DPR was made at a press-conference in Donetsk.


French soldiers guarding Jewish centers stabbed

Three French soldiers were wounded while guarding a Jewish community center in Nice.


Israel closes airports in Rosh-Pinna and Haifa after missile fire

An anti-tank missile hit a vehicle of the Israel Defense Forces in the north of the country on the border with Lebanon, and several people were injured.


The names of a third of the Jews who died in the Holocaust remain unknown

The President of the Jewish Forum of Ukraine Arkady Monastyrsky reported that every third Jew killed in the Holocaust remains nameless.


Only seven people who survived the Holocaust are left in Kiev

Every year, the number of Holocaust survivors in the world decreases. In Kiev, there are less than ten of them.


Level of anti-Semitism in Ukraine is lower than in several EU countries

Significantly fewer manifestations of anti-Semitism have been recorded in Ukraine than in France and Italy.


On Holocaust Remembrance Day Groisman calls Russia new source of racial hatred

The speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Vladimir Groisman announced that Russia has raised hatred for everything Ukrainian to the level of state ideology.


Israel evacuates tourists from Mount Hermon after rocket fire

At least two rockets launched from Syria exploded in the Golan Heights.


Greek politician accused of anti-Semitism joins parliamentary coalition

The leader of the “Independent Greeks” party Panos Kammenos is notorious for claiming that Greek Jews pay fewer taxes.


People from all over Israel came to the rally by the Russian embassy #‎FreeSavchenko

During the rally in support of Nadezhda Savchenko in Tel-Aviv, money was collected for Ukrainian soldiers and the injured


Poroshenko reminds people that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukrainians

Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko reminded people that the prisoners of Auschwitz were liberated thanks to the troops of the First Ukrainian front.


Poland refuses to apologize to Russia for statement that Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz

Russia called the statement by the Polish foreign minster that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukrainians “slanderous”.


Argentinean prosecutor sent friends materials from the case of the terrorist attack at Jewish center before his death

Several days before his death, Alberto Nisman sent friends copies of the report for parliament unmasking the president’s conspiracy with Iran.


Rabbi Margolin: EU only wakes up when non-Jews are killed

In Brussels, dozens of diplomats and several members of the European Commission honored the memory of the 17 victims of terrorist attacks in Paris.


Madonna thanks Israeli police for arresting hacker who leaked songs online

The Israel Police special investigation unit 433 arrested a 38-year-old Tel Aviv resident on suspicion of hacking the computers of several musical artists, including Madonna.


10 Israeli tourists hurt in anti-Semitic attack in Argentina

An hours-long attack took place in a hostel in a small Argentine village.


Terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv: 12 injured, three in serious condition

12 people were injured in Tel-Aviv after a terrorist attack on a bus, which Hamas has called an “act of heroism”.


Putin not to visit Czech Republic to honor Holocaust victims

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be visiting the Czech Republic to take part in events in memory of Holocaust victims


Rostovtsev: If it weren’t for Kolomoisky, Dnepropetrovsk could be in the same situation as Donbass

Press Secretary of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community believes that Kolomoisky helped to prevent a “second Donbass” in Dnepropetrovsk.


Threat to Jewish community of Sweden doubles after terrorist attack in Paris

The threat to the Jewish communiy of Sweden has doubled; police in Germany, Belgium and France conduct anti-terrorist raids


Jews of Europe call on EU to create target group to combat anti-Semitism

The leaders of European Jewish organizations have called on the European Union to found a target group and appoint a special emissary to combat the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe.


Israelis to hold rally in support of Savchenko outside Russian embassy

Israeli activists will hold a rally in support of the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko outside the Russian embassy in Tel-Aviv. The event will begin on 26 January at 6:30 p.m.


French comedian Dieudonne to be charged for advocating terrorism

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation on charges of advocating terrorism against the French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.


UN to hold meeting January 22 on growth of anti-Semitism

The UN General Assembly will hold an informal meeting on the growth of anti-Semitism on January 22 in response to a request from 37 countries including Israel, the United States and all members of the European Union, Canada and Australia.


Jewish victim in Charlie Hebdo attack received death threats

A Jewish victim of the massacre at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine received threatening phone calls prior to the attack, warning her to quit her job at the satirical magazine, the cousin of the slain Elsa Cayat told CNN. Sophie Bramly told the TV station that she believed her cousin was targeted for being a Jew.


Putin will not visit Auschwitz because of conflict in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not visit the Auschwitz memorial complex on 27 January to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of prisoners from the concentration camp.


Netanyahu thanks France for ‘firm’ stance on anti-Semitism

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he appreciated the “very firm position” taken by French leaders against “the new anti-Semitism and terrorism” in France, speaking after the rally for unity in the face of terror that drew up to 1.6 million people.


Netanyahu: first rule in fighting terrorists is to refuse to be afraid

The French police have ordered to close all stores in the Jewish neighborhood in the center of Paris in connection with the hostage situation at a kosher grocery store.


Names of hostages in kosher store in Paris made public

An armed man has captured at least five hostages in a kosher store in the east of Paris.


Ambassador: Israel will not recognize Armenian genocide

Israeli does not plan to recognize the genocidal mass murder of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in present-day Turkey in the early 20th century. This was announced by the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan, Rafael Harpaz, in a comment for the Trend news portal.


Suspected terror attack on Israeli embassy in Uruguay thwarted

Security staff at Israel's embassy in Uruguay thwarted a terror attack on the embassy Thursday. According to initial reports, the embassy security staff found a suspicious box in the early morning hours which was later said to contain a bomb. The Foreign Ministry refused to comment, saying "we cannot comment on security issues.


Ukraine condemns terrorist attack in France

The Ukraine foreign ministry condemned the terrorist attack in Paris which took the life of the cartoonist of Jewish ancestry George Wolinski and another 11 people.


Liberman: Paris attack shows Islamic Movement in Israel must be outlawed

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman called for the outlawing of the Islamic Movement's Northern Branch in Israel, saying that the group holds the same ideology as the terrorists who killed 12 people in Paris on Wednesday.


Jewish cartoonist among victims of terrorist attack in Paris

One of the 12 victims of the terrorist attack on the editorial office of the weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris was the 80-year-old French cartoonist Georges Wolinski, who has Jewish ancestry.


Democracy Index reveals majority of Arabs proud of Israeli nationality

Some 65% of Arab-Israelis are proud to be Israeli, a new poll found, compared to only 49.8% last year.


UN chief says Palestinians will join int'l court on April 1

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said late Tuesday that the Palestinians will join the International Criminal Court on April 1, a high-stakes move that will enable them to pursue war-crimes charges against Israel.


Poll: Most Palestinians believe Israel wants to destroy Al-Aqsa

In a poll conducted by PSR among 1,270 Palestinians during the first week of December 2014, 86% of Palestinians said that the Temple Mount (known in Arabic as al-Haram al-Sharif) is “in great danger,” with 77% believing that Israel intends to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and replace them with a Jewish temple.


Rivlin slams decision to freeze tax money transfer to Palestinians

President Reuven Rivlin harshly criticized on Monday the government's decision to freeze the transfer of tax money Israel collects for the Palestinians, saying in a meeting closed to the press that the decision is damaging Israeli interests.


British Activists Seek to Sue Israel Over Mavi Marmara 'War Crimes'

A group of British activists, who were on Mavi Marmara, are looking into the possibility of suing Israeli soldiers for alleged “war crimes” committed during the 2010 flotilla to Gaza.


HarperCollins apologizes for leaving Israel off maps

The HarperCollins publishing house apologized for omitted Israel from maps in atlases that it sells to English-speaking schools in the Middle East.


The Guardian names Israeli President hero of the year

The British daily newspaper The Guardian selected Israeli president Reuven Rivlin as “hero of the year”, calling him “the conscience of Israel”. The newspaper praised Rivlin for criticizing racism and intolerance in his country, and standing up for the civil rights of Palestinians.


Israeli ministers slam Palestinians after failed UN bid

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday that the Palestinians' failed bid at the UN Security Council should teach them that any attempts to unilaterally force Israel to action achieves nothing.


President Rivlin welcomes New Year with leaders of Israel’s Christian community

President Reuven Rivlin hosted the traditional state reception for leaders of Israel's Christian leaders to mark the New Year. The event was attended by nine heads of various churches in Israel and senior members of the community. Both the Israeli president and the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Theophilos III, both spoke at the annual event.


Jewish governor named Brazil’s minister of defense

Born to immigrants from Poland, Jacques Wagner is a former member of a Zionist youth movement Read more: Jewish governor named Brazil's minister of defense | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-governor-named-brazils-minister-of-defense/#ixzz3NTHMlLn5 Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook


Abbas says he stop dealing with Israel if UN does not pass Palestinian resolution

The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas announced that he will stop dealing with the Israeli government if the UN Security Council does not pass the Palestinian state draft resolution.


British donate Israeli goods to shelters for the homeless

Over 1,000 British citizens have donated food and other goods made in Israel as part of the IsrAction Day campaign to shelters for the homeless.


Wikileaks: CIA trains agents to pass security checks in Israeli airport

The international non-commercial organization WikiLeaks has published instructions for CIA agents to pass secondary security checks at Ben-Gurion airport and other international airports, when using fake documents.


Jews of Czech Republic protest Putin's visit in January

The Jewish community of the Czech Republic said it was “inappropriate” to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp.


Iosif Zisels joins commission for election of head of Anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine

The Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers has approved the chairman of the Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine, the renowned human rights activist and member of the Ukrainian Helsinki group Iosif Zisels as member of the commission for a electing the director of the National anti-corruption bureau.


EU assures that Hamas remains terrorist organization

The representative of the European Union in Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen announced that the EU’s decision to exclude Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations will not have any practical consequences.


Syria claims shooting down Israeli drone

The Syrian authorities claim that they shot down an Isralei unmanned aircraft over the village of Adar in the province of Quneitra on the Golan Heights.


Israel becomes world’s largest donator for fighting Ebola

The Permanent Representative of Israel at the United Nations Ron Prosor signed the Ebola Response Trust Fund on behalf of Israel, pledging an additional $8.75 million.


Jewish community criticizes Swedish parliamentarian for comments on Jews

Jews living in Sweden should reject racial self-awareness if they want to be considered Swedes. This statement by the deputy speaker of parliament Bjorn Soder has drawn a flurry of criticism from the Jewish community


USA will not support Palestinian resolution in the UN

The USA will not support the resolution submitted by the Palestinians to the UN Security Council for examination, said the spokesperson for the US state department Jen Psaki


Parliaments of EU and Luxembourg voted for recognition of the Palestinian state

The parliament of the tiny state of Luxembourg voted to call on the government to officially recognize the Palestinian state within the borders of 1967


Netanyahu demands the EU to put Hamas back on the black list immediately

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the European Union to put Hamas back on the list of terrorist organizations immediately


Ukrainian President congratulates Jews on Hanukkah

Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko congratulated the country’s Jews on the holiday of Hanukkah, according to an official address on the president’s site


EU excludes Hamas from list of terrorist organizations

The European Court of general jurisdiction has annulled the decision of the European Union to keep Hamas on the list of terrorist organizations


Former Auschwitz guard to be tried in Germany

The trial of 93-year-old Oskar Groening will begin in Germany in 2015, who is charged with his role in the deaths of over 300,000 people in the city of Luneburg in the north of Germany


Israeli and Palestinian children celebrate century of “Christmas truce”

In Haifa, Israeli and Palestinian children played soccer to celebrate one century since the legendary soccer match between German and allied troops on the Western front during the Christmas truce of 1914


Israeli special services prevent terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv

Over the last two months, the Shin Bet, the IDF and the Israeli police have arrested five suspects in the planning of terrorist attacks in Tel-Aviv and other cities in the country


Israel prepared to help Australia in hostage situation

The Israeli authorities are in contact with their Australian colleagues and prepared to provide them with any possible assistance in the hostage situation at a café in Sydney


US senate appoints rabbi as freedom of faith envoy for first time

The US senate has voted to appoint a Reform movement leader, Rabbi David Saperstein, as the ambassador at large for international religious freedom. He will be the first non-Christian in this post


Jewish schools of Australia cancel lessons because of capture of hostages in Sidney

Jewish schools in Australia cancelled lessons, and Jewish institutions increased security measures in connection with the capture of hostages in a cafe in the center of Sidney


Palestinian sprays Jewish family sprayed with acid in Israel

A Palestinian sprayed acid over six members of a Jewish family on the West Bank, when they stopped to pick him up in their car


Greek embassy fired on in Israel

Unknown perpetrators on a motorcyclist fired shots at the Israeli embassy from a Kalashnikov automatic weapon


Kazakhs make become first righteous nation of the world

The issue is under discussion in Israel of recognizing the Kazakhs as the first righteous nation of the world


UK Prime Minister visits Auschwitz

The Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and lit a candle in memory of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust


Palestinian official dies in clashes with Israeli soldiers

The head of the Palestinian commission for issues of Jewish settlements and the wall of security Ziyad Abu Ein died in clashes between Palestinians and IDF soldiers on the West Bank


Romania recalls ambassador to Armenia for anti-Semitic statement

The Romanian ambassador to Armenia Sorin Vasile was recalled to Bucharest for consultations after his statements that were assessed as anti-Semitic and homophobic.


Israel is the most militarized country in the world, and Ukraine is 13th

Ukraine rose from 20th to 13th place on the list of the most militarized countries in the world, after spending $5.3 billion on military expenses, 3% of the country’s GDP


Human rights activists accuse Israel of war crimes. Israel denies everything

Amnesty International has accused TSAKHAL of committing a number of war crimes during the conflict in the Gaza strip this summer


Three Israeli writers call to recognize Palestinian state

The renowned Israeli writers Amos Oz, David Grossman and Abraham B. Yehoshua signed a public petition which has already been signed by 878 Israelis, calling for European countries to recognize the Palestinian state