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Israeli project FUGU luggage creates “explosion” on Kickstarter

Everyone who travels frequently is familiar with the problem of choosing a suitcase of suitable size. Isaak Atlas’s Israeli start-up promises to solve the dilemma of all die-hard travelers, with the FUGU luggage universal suitcase, which can change its dimensions.

Isaak had the idea of creating FUGU luggage in early 2013, during a business trip abroad, after he had to buy another suitcase when the purchases he had made during the trip didn’t fit into his hand luggage.

With Daniel Lifshitz and Daniel Gindis, Atlas founded a company with the ambitious plan to “cause a revolution in the world of travel”.

The revolutionary suitcase developed by Atlas’s team is not only capable of increasing its size depending on the situation, but can also be used as a small table. It is made of waterproof plastic, and equipped with reinforced side walls, which are inflated with air with a built-in pump. FUGU luggage takes its name from the poisonous fish which can increase in size up to three times when it is in danger.

The creators of FUGU claim that this is the only suitcase a traveler will need for any trips, and so they believe the high cost of the item is justified - $249.

Evidently, this price does not scare off potential buyers: the campaign to raise funds to mass-produce the FUGU suitcase was launched on Kickstarter in early November, and has already gathered over $125,000, which significantly exceeds the sum announced by the developers - $50,000. However, fund raising will continue until 13 December.


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