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2 Poles Reportedly Discover Nazi Trove

Discoverers demand 10% cut

The location of a train car full of Nazi treasure has been promised to Polish officials - just as soon as its discoverers get a guarantee of a 10 percent finders' fee.

The Polish Internet news portal daminfo.pl reported Wednesday that two residents of the south-western community of Walbrzych have discovered an armored train car full of Nazi gold but are keeping its location to themselves until they knew they would be able to cash in.

The site posted a copy of the notice the treasure hunters gave to the town. City officials would not confirm or deny the discovery.

The contents of the train car are unknown. Speculation ranges from gold to stolen valuables to precious raw materials.

An underground Nazi complex, known as Riese (Giant), did operate near Walbrzych during World War II, and it is believed that significant portions of the complex's industrial operations were moved underground as aerial bombardment picked up towards the war's end.

Source: Haaretz


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