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Diabetics who skip breakfast risk blood sugar spikes

Study shows type-2 diabetics who 'fast' until noon can suffer day-long consequences.

Obesity and cardiovascular problems have already been linked to Americans who skip breakfast, but now the health of diabetics who start their day without ‘the most important meal’ may be at risk as well.

A new Israeli-Swedish study reveals the substantial impact of skipping breakfast on type-2 diabetics. “Fasting” until noon triggers major blood sugar spikes (postprandial hyperglycemia) and impairs the insulin responses of type-2 diabetics throughout the rest of the day, researchers say.

“Despite the fact that many studies have previously demonstrated the benefits of a high-caloric breakfast for weight loss and to regulate the glucose metabolism, very little was known regarding the effect of skipping breakfast on glycemic spikes after meals throughout the entire day,” said Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz, a co-author of the study.

Source: israel21c

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