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4 дня
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Israel to export hundreds of millions of flies to Europe

Sterilized flies will be dispersed in orchards in Croatia and Bosnia to help farmers combat pests in a green manner

BioBee, a bio-tech company on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu concentrating on the field of biological pest management in agriculture, has won a massive tender with the International Atomic Energy Agency to supply of 400 million sterile flies, in the wake of a successful similar project last fall.

According to BioBee, the flies will be dispersed in orchards along the border areas of Croatia and Bosnia over a period of several months. The move is expected to result in the reduction of harmful flies in the orchards, thereby helping farmers in Europe to complete a successful growing season.

The company says that the flies were grown in a BioBee lab, and underwent special sterilization at the plant's radioactive facility, which operates under the supervision of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

Source: Ynetnews

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