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Israeli app’s Wikipedia beautification makes info more accessible

Wikiwand upgrades text-heavy encyclopedia pages, winning a Webby award for best user experience

Wikipedia may be the 21st century’s digital encyclopedia, but its aesthetics are strictly analog. Written in a linear, functional style, text-based Wikipedia reminds one more of a traditional book than a dynamic website.

There’s a reason for that – Wikipedia wants to be an information source, not another pretty site – but Lior Grossman believes you can have both useful information and an aesthetic interface.

That’s the idea behind Wikiwand, the Wikipedia interface he invented with two partners that has taken the Wiki-world by storm, with millions of installs and numerous awards – the latest of which was the Webby Awards, considered the most prestigious prize for online apps.

“You can call it a ‘modernization’ of Wikipedia,” said Grossman.

Source: The Times of Israel

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