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Money will not be returned to members of Donetsk Jewish community

This was reported by a correspondent from Jewishnews.com.ua who attended a session of the Kiev Court of Appeal

At the court session, the testimony of Sergei Nuzbrokh was heard, a member of the Jewish community in whose name the safety deposit box was register. Nuzbrokh once more asked for the funds to be returned “which were unlawfully confiscated and in violation of bank secrecy.”

After the session of the Court of Appeal held on Wednesday, the judges ruled that the arrest of the funds permitted by the previous court was valid. The argument for this ruling was the speculation by members of the prosecutor’s office that Nuzbrokh himself was involved in organizing conversion centers.

The box contained money belonging to six members of the Jewish community of Donbass. Four of these people are now citizens of Israel.

To recap, the search of Alliance Bank, in which money belonging to members of the Jewish community of Donetsk disappeared, was held to discover evidence of violations by a number of companies which had safety deposit boxes registered at this bank.

More detailed information about the court session will be published later.

For background information on the case: Victims of Ukrainian Security Service: Our task in court is not to allow the arrest of the savings of Jews from Donetsk

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