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New app monitors air pollution

BreezoMeter converts complex air pollution figures into a user-friendly visual of the air quality at your specific location

One day a year, air pollution levels in Israel drop dramatically, as much as 99 percent. That day is Yom Kippur, when traffic in Israel essentially ceases; even those who aren’t in synagogue on the Day of Atonement leave their cars at home to walk or bike the empty streets.
But how about the rest of the year? How is the air quality in your city or neighborhood? When is the pollution so high that you’d be better off indoors?

The answer is lurking on a new app from the Israeli startup BreezoMeter. The app, which is available for Android phones (with an iPhone version on its way) taps into the thousands of pollution monitoring stations around the world, then matches that data to your location using GPS, while customized algorithms factor in weather data, including wind direction and speed, to extrapolate the exact air quality for your specific location. The algorithms can often figure out air quality on a block-by-block basis.

Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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