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Scientists hoping to save sea snail that protected Mediterranean reefs

Worm snails used to restore damaged reefs with a chalky substance

It’s one of nature’s nonstop species of construction workers. Its scientific name is Dendropoma petraeum, and it’s a kind of small sea snail – known as the worm snail – that excretes a chalky substance through which it builds reefs facing Israel’s shores. This construction worker, however, is in big trouble and facing the threat of extinction. Now, scientists and other experts are figuring out how to come to its rescue, or finding an engineering solution that might save the reefs.

The Israeli Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (ISEES) will be convening a team of experts today in an effort to develop an action plan to deal with the threat the worm snail is facing. It is simply disappearing from many areas off the country’s coast, and in the process endangering the reefs that the snails build on – and where they and other creatures find shelter and a habitat.

Source: Haaretz

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